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Warranty Policy

This document provides you with the correct procedures for claiming your warranty, your rights as a consumer to return a product and also governs the rules for these procedures. Please read them carefully and completely before purchasing goods from Ginting Hobbies or attempting to make a warranty claim.

Receiving Your Order
When you receive your order, please follow these procedures:

  • Check that the correct goods have been sent to you. Make sure your delivery invoice is correct.
  • Carefully unpack and inspect all merchandise, taking care not to damage the original packaging.
  • Do not throw away any of the original packaging materials, such as boxes, instructions, inserts, bags etc. until you are satisfied with your order.
  • Please keep the supplied Ginting Hobbies invoice or packing slip / invoice slip with your important records.
  • Enjoy your new product!

Read all instruction manuals before installing, testing & using your goods. Once a product has been used it may not be possible to return it if it is the wrong product or there is another issue.

High Speed Products or Items that Fly
It is essential that you test products that fly prior to take-off just like a real pilot would test an aircraft. The same reasoning applies to products that move at high velocity. This is to ensure parts are functioning and are in working order, and also ensures that components have not been broken or worn-out during previous use, worked their way loose, or have become faulty. Discovering a loose component or malfunction whilst in mid-air may lead to detrimental damage.

Damage sustained as a result of a crash is not able to be covered under warranty. In these instances please contact us to assist you with servicing or repair.

Batteries and Battery Chargers
Please note that engaging in electronic hobbies often involves dealing with rechargeable batteries. These batteries are not the same as household batteries, are not intended for normal household use and therefore require additional precautions. If you are unable to strictly follow these precautions please restrict your purchase to products that involve AA or AAA batteries only.

  • Never recharge batteries unattended or overnight, recharging should always be supervised.
  • Always recharge batteries in a fire-safe, cool and well ventilated area.
  • Never allow children to handle or recharge batteries and electrical items.
  • Store batteries in a fire safe bag or area, and ensure terminals cannot short out.

Goods Returned For Warranty found to be Working
As more than 30% of all goods returned to Ginting Hobbies are found to be in working condition, we are sometimes forced to charge a service and freight fee for testing and returning non-faulty goods. Testing and returning goods to manufacturers agents takes time and labour, as well as incurring shipping costs back and forth. Please take the time to carefully troubleshoot your product if you have difficulties, contact us for assistance if required.

Goods Returned found to be Physically Damaged
Products that are physically damaged via impacts, use of incorrect fuels, incorrect batteries or via foreign objects such as mud, pebbles, sand, water, corrosive liquids etc or any other form of physical alteration are not covered by warranty. In these circumstances please contact Ginting Hobbies for service assistance whereby parts and repairs may be performed at a nominal cost depending on the repairs required. At Ginting Hobbies we are proud to help customers to not only avoid paying high prices on products and components, but also to avoid the high costs associated with item servicing that is often encountered at expensive hobby stores.

Nitro and Petrol Powered Products
Products that employ the use of nitro or petrol forms of power often require a level of adjustment, tuning and troubleshooting. We recommend them for intermediate and advanced users only. Because experience level and mechanical experience varies considerably amongst hobbyists, the adjustment and tuning of nitro or gas powered products is not covered under warranty as it is not a manufacturing fault. At Ginting Hobbies we are proud to help customers to not only avoid paying high prices on products and components, but also to avoid the high costs associated with item servicing that is often encountered at expensive hobby stores - contact us if you need assistance to tune or adjust your product.

It is IMPORTANT to contact Ginting Hobbies via our website contact form immediately if you believe that an item is defective in any way and you believe a warranty claim needs to be performed. If parts are purchased from us and there is a fault during the warranty period that is attributable to a manufacturing defect, the parts will be replaced or repaired by Ginting Hobbies. Warranty does not cover damage to goods caused by customers such as:

  • Misuse, ill-treatment or crashes (caused for any reason).
  • Not following the manual or the correct procedures.
  • Tampering with manufacturer's internal components or original settings.
  • Any consequential damage to other parts or the loss of data.

Warranty Turnaround Time
Ginting Hobbies shall process warranty promptly and within a reasonable period from the time that they are received by us. Please understand the time involved for a warranty claim will include: the time it takes for you to send us the item, our time to test, repair or replace the item, and the shipping back to you, the customer.

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